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In which countries can i find bedycasa offers?

BedyCasa is currently in more than 162 countries mainly due to your word of mouth promotions and the  recommendations spread by you across our community, to which we wish you a big thank you.

To find all of our offers, simply insert your destination into the search engine or click on Rent your accommodation to post your advertisement.

What types of accommodation can i find on bedycasa?

Bedycasa allows you to choose various categories of accommodation at the local's. You can find:

  • Bedrooms at local's: This is when there are bedrooms available in a private residence which are sought to be rented out on a temporary and occassional basis in order to gain a small complimentary rent whilst providing an amicable way of meeting new people  
  • Guestrooms and Bed and Breakfasts: Here this means bedrooms located at the local's includes certain services (breakfast, the possibility of having dinner with the host, etc.) It also consistutes regular hosting activity, and that the accommodation has been furnished especially in order to receive tourists and travellers passing through
  • Appartments/houses and seasonal rentals: The accommodation is without board, making it ideal for families and/or travellers seeking accommodation with a strong sense of autonomy
  • Unusual Accommodation: These are all your out of the ordinary type of accommodation. It could be beach hunt, canal barge, yacht, ecological accommodation, and other weird and wonderful types of accommodation which may interest you if you're looking for a truely original place to stay during your trip 
  • Host Families: Some hosts open their doors on a long term basis to offer young, and older people too, the chance to live in complete immersion and enrich their way of living and experience local culture. 

For each accommodation category, the type of space can be selected for each advertisement out of: 

  • Individual bedroom: This is an individual or private bedroom. Without the accommodation, some rooms are communal but your bedroom is a private space
  • Shared bedroom: This is a shared or communal bedroom for several travellers, and is often cheaper than private accommodation or an individual bedroom
  • Apartment/entire house: The entirety of the accommodation means that the accommdation will not be shared with the inhabitant nor with other travellers
  • Living room: This is often the living room itself, it could be a division of, or all of the room which might not be entirely closed off, or which during the day is used as a communal room with both host and traveller(s)

Cómo puedo efectuar una búsqueda de alojamiento en bedycasa?

La búsqueda de un alojamiento en Bedycasa es muy sencilla, solo basta con poner tu ciudad de destino en el motor de búsqueda de nuestra página, y las fechas para las cuales estas planeando tu viaje, también debes indicar el número de viajeros, y luego hacer clic en la opción Buscar.

En la página de búsqueda, podrás consultar los diferentes resultados en función de tu destino, así como en función de tus fechas y el número de viajeros que participaran en la estancia.

  • Visualizar los resultados en el mapa: Haciendo clic en el botón "Ver el mapa", podrás consultar los resultados en función de su geolocalización. La presentación en modo "mapa" puede llegar a ser muy útil, cuando la ubicación del alojamiento es fundamental para ti. (Ejemplo: Cuando el motivo de tu viaje, es para cumplir con una cita médica, una entrevista o reunión de trabajo).
  • Utilizar la búsqueda avanzada: Encontrarás la búsqueda avanzada en la parte izquierda de la página, y podrás escoger los criterios avanzados con el fin de afinar tu búsqueda, y obtener resultados especificos en función de tus necesidades/preferencias.
  • Crear una Alerta de Viaje: La alerta de viaje es una herramienta gratuita y muy práctica que te permitirá ganar tiempo en tu búsqueda de alojamiento. En tan solo 60 segundos podrás completar el formulario correspondiente a tu búsqueda, un mail informativo sera enviado a todos los anfitriones disponibles para tus fechas, y que además proponen alojamientos que corresponden a tus criterios seleccionados. Nuestros anfitriones disponibles te contactarán directamente a través de la mensajeria BedyCasa para invitarte a reservar sus alojamientos. Consulta sus proposiciones, y escoge, para reservar el alojamiento que prefieras. Entre más completo sea tu perfil, acompañado de una descripción agradable y de una foto, seguramente más mensajes de viajeros disponibles recibirás.
  • How can i obtain additional information?

    If you wish to have additional information that you could not find under the advertisement description, don't hesitate to contact the host, via the Contact me button found on all of our host's advertisements. 

    Pay attention as well to the fact that hosts often have other professional and personal commitments, and as such it is therefore importance to make your arrival and departure time clear so that your stay goes as smoothly as possible for everyone.  

    For security mesures to protect our users and members and to allow us to insure the management of stays effectuated via BedyCasa, personal details are not transmitted before reservation confirmation. You are however welcome to message us with your questions via the BedyCasa email inbox.

    Why is it important to complete my profile?

    Quite simply because people are at the heart of our concept. 

    Our hosts open their doors to you and therefore it is completely legitimate for them to have some additional information about you. A few lines of description, a profile photo and the reasons for stay are amongst the factors which show your serious interest in staying with a host and as such will help you gain replies to your message and acceptance of your reservation requests.

    To help demonstrate why a profile photo and a few lines of description are important, quite simply put yourself in the place of the host. Wouldn't you like to know a bit about the person you could be opening your door to, who at the moment you know absolutely nothing about?

    A traveller's complete profile is a vote of confidence for the host as well as the whole online community. 

    Is breakfast always included?

    Breakfast is not always included in the price, the host can ask you to pay extra for breakfast on arrival or could choose not to offer it. Normally, this information is available directly on the advertisement of the host, in the description or in the additional information of the accommodation.

    If however, this is not the case, do not hesitate to send a message to the host/ the advert that interests you via the "Contact me" button to the right of their advert. This will also allow you to make firrst contact with the host and get a chance to ask different questions regarding the accommodation.

    What time can i arrive at the accommodation?

    Departure and arrival times are normally indicated on our hosts' advertisements. If however, this is not the case, don't hesitate to send us a message via the "Contact me" button to the right of their ad(s) before booking to find out their availability and when they can host you. This will also allow you to make first contact with the host and get a chance to ask different questions regarding the accommodation.

    Can i receive a billing receipt for my reservation?

    On BedyCasa, each transaction is processed via the site therefore permitting the creation of a bill receipt for each of your trips/stays.

    This payment justification therefore allows you to use BedyCasa for business trips, training and other professional reasons. You can download/print your bill at any time from your Reservation Space.